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Expansion and Contraction

Expansion and Contraction Like most other plastics, ACRYLITEŽ extruded sheet will expand and contract from 3 to 8 times as much as glass or metals. The designer should be aware of its coefficient of expansion and make appropriate provisions. A 48" panel will expand and contract approximately .002" for each degree fahrenheit change in temperature. In outdoor use, where summer and winter temperatures differ as much as 100°F, a 48" sheet will expand and contract approximately 3/16". Sash rabbets must be of sufficient depth to allow for expansion as well as for contraction.

ACRYLITEŽ extruded sheet also absorbs water when exposed to high relative humidity, resulting in expansion of the sheet. At relative humidity of 100%, 80%, and 60%, the dimensional changes are 0.6%, 0.3% and 0.2%, respectively. Return to Acrylic skylights

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